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Train me T.T ne gaand maari

Hello friends,I am aditya, I am 23 years old and I want to share my real life experience which happened with me when I went to delhi to give an exam for the railway. I had came from bengal alone.

Whlie i was returning from delhi to bengal after giving my exams from rajdhani express,i somehow lost my ticket.So when the T.T came to check ticket,i told about my problem.Then he verified and checked my name in his list.But still he told me to give the fine.But i started arguing with him and he became angry and handed me over to the head T.T.But the head T.T understood my problem and sent me in his cabin in the first class coach.I was happy as i got a first class seat for exchange of my sleeper class.

Then I lay on the bed, then the head T.T also came to the same bed and he closed the door. Now I got some doubt, then he slowly started putting his one hand in my T-shirt, then I stopped the head T.T, then he started thretening me that if i object/stop him then he will file a case and fine me with huge amount. Now I was feeling sacred and kept quit and he started undressing me. And now i was completely naked. Now that head T.T had tied my hands and feet. Then I thought for help, but I was also feeling a bit different. Now I was lying on my stomach and he was licking my whole body. Then I started getting tickled, now he was licking my ass with his tongue.

Then after a while he said are u enjoying it?. Now he started coming towards me, so when I saw his cock, he was about 8 inches long and 4 inches thick. I had never seen such a long cock till now, I was absolutely scared.

Then he put his big cock inside my mouth, now I was enjoying sucking his cock very much. Till now only half of his cock had gone in my mouth, when the head T.T grabbed my head and pressed it. Then, now more than half of his cocks had entered my mouth. Now tears came from my eyes and now his cock was completely wet with my spit.

Then after that he asked me to stretch both my legs and put a pillow under my waist, now he could see my ass hole clearly. Then the head T.T spit in my ass and put his finger in it, then I started to feel pain, then he spit in my ass again and then he put his long cock on my ass hole.

Now I was having a lot of fun, now I felt that someone had laid a hot road above my ass. Now he was putting his big cock on my ass. Now I was not going to stay, so I said Uncle Please tear off my ass, put your big cock in my ass. Then the head T.T said that son will be very painful, but now I was excited, so I Said that just Uncle tear my ass now. So he grabbed his cock with his hand and started pressing on my ass hole, then I felt a little pain.

Then suddenly he pushed me hard in my ass, then I started feeling very painful. Then I told the head T.T that it is very painful. So he said that I had already told you, but you were saying that tear off my ass.

Then he brought hair oil and applied a little on his cock and put a little in my ass, now my pain was also reduced. Then he started inserting his cock into my ass, now I was getting sweet and sweet pain.

Then when he put all his cocks in my ass hole, I started to suffer and he held me tight in his arms and pushed hard 4-5 times. Now I was suffering, but could not even move. Now I felt blood coming out of my ass, but it did not stop.

Then after a while, my pain subsided and I started to enjoy my fuck, then I put my cocks upwards, so that all his cocks get covered in my ass. Now he was also fucking me very well. Now he was not showing even a little mercy on my ass. Then he freed me from the ropes, then I stood up and put my hand on my ass and saw that there was a big hole.

Then he made me sit upright on his table and with both my hands put both my legs upwards and put all my cocks in my ass at once. Now I was not hurting, but I was having fun. Then after about 5 minutes he kind of fucking me. Now after that his speed of fucking had doubled, now the whole room was buzzing with the sound of fucking and the sound of stalled, pach-pach was coming.

Then I realized something hot inside my ass and that head T.T fell and fell asleep on me. Now I was also very tired and then I did not know when I was sleepy. Then that night he killed my ass about 4-5 times.

Now my ass had become very red and was also very painful. Now I was having trouble even walking in the morning, but I had a lot of fun too.

And this is how i became a perfect gandu.

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