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Rubika Mam ki chudai unke husband ke samne

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I am rohit and this story is about Rubika, my teacher in College. When I was in college, she was not married and was friendly with everyone including me. I believe her stance on us were quite friendly and she was not the type who will flirt with the students. But I am sure that every boy would have shared same thoughts on her. She was such a jolly girl who will erect every man's dick.She was 26 back then and had a petite body with a slim and curvy stats of 32-26-32 and had milky white colour to her body. She was always a hot topic among boys and we would all talk erotic talks about her secretly. So two years back, i completed my course in Mumbai and got back to my homeland. Before leaving Rubika madam gave me her number.And after some months she got married to a successful businessman who is hailed from Mumbai itself. We all were invited and attended the function. Her hubby's name is Shadab and is an elegant fellow. Time flew and I used to chat with Rubika madam then and now.During the first period of her wedding days. I used to see her hot pics with her hubby and envied that guy for getting such a sexy wife. I used to masturbate watching those pictures. But days passed and I saw her less on fb, and her photos also got reduced. I still had her number and last October, i called her to wish her birthday.We were talking after a long time and shared a lot of talks, but she skipped talks on her family and husband.It was a turning point in our relationship and we chatted a lot from then. We used to have late night, and I clearly understood she is having an interest in talking with me. I had a girlfriend in college, naina, which got broken from college itself.While chatting she pushed the conversations into naina and our relationship. One night,our talks got real dirty& she asked- Did you had sex with her? Yes, many times. After all, who could resist her body.Can't complain her, Any woman will fall for you ,she sent this with the smiley of a naughty smile and I knew I had her into my grasp. I was also sure that I could get her to bed ,if I keep on talking.I started dirty flirts and sent her-"Oh, but her(naina's) interest in sex were boring. She was only interested in missionary position and lacked interest in foreplays". What an unlucky girl, she texted.So what adventures did you tried with your hubby,I asked.She didn't reply for a long time. After that I received a message saying that to leave that matters.I dramatized the situation and replied her that it was not fair. I told her I trusted her with my personal things and this is how you repay the faith.She tried to contact me and I played hard trick by not replying her. I didn't attend her call as well. I slept and found in morning that she had given me ,about 20 missed calls and similar number of messages asking for behaving rudely. But what caught my mind was the last message.The message she told-"I will tell. But I need promise that you won't share it with anyone".I called her and asked for apologies. When she said sorry, I reciprocated my apologies for taking it hard on her.'What's the matter between you and your husband , I asked. She hesitated first, then spoke. He is handsome. But he is useless with a tiny 4 " dick which is hardly of any use. During the first days, he tried to have sex with me. But he finished before 5 mins. He is damn rich, but what good is money in life if sex is not good. I am thinking of a divorce now, but is worried about both of our families.I said something to console her and promised to keep it a secret. Rubika was relieved and we talked a bit more consolations before disconnecting the call.Throughout the day, I planned a strong plan to make her mine, and enjoy a secret relationship with her. So I texted her that night saying I have a plan for you .She asked what it is and I sent her a picture of my hard dick which was 7inches when erect. I didn't knew what I was doing. It was an attempt and it was successful. She replied with a Wow smiley.It was easier from there. We did a,lot of sexting and phone sex. But I didn't asked her new photo. We haven't seen for more than two years, but I wanted a surprise.I asked her when can we meet.,She told me to come to Mumbai and her hubby have so many private resorts, guest houses, flats and bungalows all around Mumbai.But I don't want to just fuck you, I want to be your kinky boyfriend. Because I love you as much as I love your body .She wept hearing this and said she will get me an air ticket. So that weekend, I flew to Mumbai to meet my ex-teacher who has became my naughty girlfriend.I was out of my mind when I saw her waiting at the airport. She was wearing a top and jeans and her slim figure has turned into a smoking hot ,voluptuous body. Her 32-26-32 has turned to 34-28-34. During college days, her ass was small,but now it was fleshy with a nice shape. Her 34C boobs were a delight to watch. She was 29, but looked like a 25 year old unmarried heroine. There she stood in her seducing body which was 160 cm tall, welcoming me.She gave me a light hug, but I put my arms around her waist and pulled her into me. Her boobs hit my chest and got risen from her top due to the pressing of her body to mine. She looked around and said Not here.S6 then, We got into her car and started driving.where are we going?  I asked....I was in strong mood to fuck and was ready to fuck her madly in that road also.Shadab is leaving on a business tour tonight. So we will stick around until night and get home. But if you are eager to do it, we will go to a nearby home. Its his and I have the keys. We both laughed.During my time in flight, I had planned something and I shared it with her.Your hubby gave you nothing for the last year and almost ruined your age. Why didn't you go to other men? I was attracted to lot of men, and wanted to get fucked. But both of ours family are reputed in here and can't spoil that. Though Shadab is impotent, he has loved me and cared me. I didn't wanted to leave him or Cheat him as wel, until I got it in with you. She was driving slowly and I kept my arms in her thighs and pinched it. She gave a moan and smiled at me.You trapped me into it, you lucky bastard With your sentimental drama . She said it in a playful tone and gave an action of biting.Haha, The trap is not complete, It will be completed after tonight. Then you will not be wanting a second away from me in the bed. Looking forward to it ,I said-I have a plan. I know Shadab is a good hubby, but a huge loser in bed. You both care for each other. But I strongly believe we will have to give a small punishment for not fulfilling the needs of this hot piece for two years . I said this and went forward to give a small bite in her cheeks. You know how cheeks of voluptuous woman are. I bite it and pulled her cheek. She got more horny.  I have a plan . I told her my plan and after /hearing this she got more excited. We drove to her home.Her hubby was getting ready for the flight and was almost locking the door when we reached there. Shadab was looking handsome, but had the nerdy look of some businessman. His body was skinny and he wore a glass. At first, Shadab was puzzled to see us. But Rubika introduced me as his former student, and here in town for a purpose (Only we two did know what that purpose was).Good to see you rohit. Sorry, I am in a hurry ,Shadab told.You are not going anywhere. We have to talk first, Rubika said,Shadab was again puzzled. But she opened the door and got inside. I too entered the house and sat.Shadab, you have been a complete moron as a husband. You have loved me, I will give you that. But as a husband in bed, you are a worthless shit .I could see Shadab and his embarrassment. But Rubika was continuing.I have a lot of care for you and our families. I won't ask for a divorce. But I need a boyfriend to fulfill my sexual hunger. Rohit is my boyfriend from now on .He was almost crying and I was laughing inside learning what a loser he is. She walked towards ,where I was sitting and smiled at me. We both were enjoying this."Shadab, this lady is too hot for you to handle. She needs to be satisfied everytime. Don't worry. I will treat her the way you couldn't",I said. Suddenly, Shadab rose and shouted This is none of your business I got angry too. I motioned and Rubika slapped Shadab hard. He was shocked and started crying like a slob.You know what is my business?  I said this and pulled Rubika into me. Her milky body fell into my toned body and I smooched her. It was juicy and her luscious lips were crushed by my teeth.He was silently weeping and watching us. I made her sit on my lap. It was a great feeling to have her soft huge ass pointed above my iron hard dick. I held her face with both my arms and licked her face, bit her nose and kissed her lips.We did that for 5 minutes and looked at Shadab who was still standing with a sorry face.Go out Shadab, Tend to your business. I will take care of her,I said.

Rubika stood from my lap and I spanked her ass to which she moan.Then finally Rubika said-"This is the only way to keep our relationship running. Understand it" .He didn't say anything and went to his car and drove away. So it was me and Rubika, both ready to pounce on each other.Then without wasting a second i undressed her completely and then threw her in her bed and placed my uncut 7" dick into her pussy and fucked her wild till 30 mins.And later i released my cum on her face and boobs.

She was totally satisfied by my fuck and stamina and started sucking my dick madly.By looking at her slutness one can say how much thrusty she was for sex.ThenShe said- I want to get fresh.I saw a beautiful swimming pool outside the house, near the lawn. I asked to get ready for bath.She understood my intensions and we both were ready for another hot session.

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