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Pados ki Aunty hui mere lund ki diwani

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Hi, my name is sahil & I’m from lucknow. I am a medical student & size of my cock is 8".I am not virgin and lost my virginity at age of 18yrs.So by this you can assume how much horny boy I am. I thought to share my experience which i had when i was 19 years old with my neighbor aunty her name is Anusha. Now to the story, firstly i was not sexually attracted towards her. But one day i saw her cleavage when i was at her home {i used to go there}. From that day itself i had a crush towards her. From that day, i started see her in another way. I tried many times to see her boobs clearly but i didn’t able to see it. Then i noticed their bathroom door, one day i went there & sit on my knees & bend down, from there i can easily see inside the bathroom clearly.

She usually goes to bath around 4pm. So i waited for the correct moment to go there. And i finally go the correct opportunity. As usual she went to bath at 4pm that day. She went inside the bathroom & locks the door. I waited near the bathroom to hear the sound of the water. Finally i heard the sound, silently i went near the door & sit on my knees & bend down & i saw my beauty nudity i was in heaven, she looks so beautiful. Even if she is 45 years old she is so beautiful with big boobs. And i also have seen her pubic hair. I see her until she finished her bath. After seeing her bath i went to my home & close my room’s door ejaculate thinking her. Then i started to seduce her by making her to see my nude erect cock.

Now i got another chance, one day our family went together in to a temple by transport bus. The bus was full but we managed to get into the bus she & I was standing very close to me. Her ass was touching my penis, my penis started growing. I’m sure she since my presence in her ass crack. As the bus was crowded she was pressing my penis harder, i can fill my penis is becoming uncomfortable in my underwear. I tried to look on to her face to see her expression, but she was smiling lightly. This gives me courage & i grab her waist & press her ass harder to my penis. Is didn’t respond. But as it is public place i leave her. When we are returning to home, i was sitting next to her she was sitting in window seat. I put my hand on her bear stomach she didn’t say anything the i slowly touch her boobs she resist that & said me that someone will notice us .

So just wait for the correct time, i was happy. . After 2 days i got an opportunity to have sex with her when on one is in her home. I went to her home i saw her doing something on kitchen. Without making any sound i went behind her and touch her waist, she turned quickly when she see me she smiled. I grab her gave a kiss on her lips for some time. We were exchanging our saliva after sometime i take her in my hand and take her to her bed room. And put her on the bed.

I jump to the top of her and started kissing again, she was responding well, slowly i kept my hand on her boobs and press harder. Then slowly i moved my hand towards her pussy & rub her pussy she was moaning. I started removing her clothes i removed her nighty; she was on her petticoat & bra. I removed her petticoat & her panties together, and then i removed her bra too.

Now she was completely naked in front of me. Then i started removing myself within 2 min i undressed myself. She was looking on to my penis. I again started to kiss her on lips this very violently. Then i started to suck her right boob hardly & press the other one with my left hand. Then i started to lick her pussy it was already wet along with that i was fingering her. At first I insert 1 finger, then with 2 fingers, and finally with 3 fingers. She was moaning loudly this make me crazy & i increase my speed she cummed a huge amount of load into my mouth i drink it fully. Then i changed to 69 position, she was sucking me violently for nearly 5 min i was in heaven when her tough touch s my penis head.

She tried a lot but was not able to make me cum. Then i make her to lie on the bed, i wide her legs & inserted my tool inside & started to fuck her. She was moaning very loudly; so kiss her on lips. I was fucking her like i was in hell. Then i again change our position to doggie style & started to fuck her. While fucking i also started to press her boobs from behind now she started to moan loudly & she cum again. Then i asked her may i fuck your ass. She agreed and told me to do it slower. I entered my penis slowly she was crying due to pain then i gave a gentle push it goes fully inside then i slowly increase my speed & i fuck her vigorously & i was reaching my organism then i asked her to ride me but she was tired so thought to finish it then i started to fuck pussy again not in doggie style, i fuck her with full force & i cummed inside her. And fall on her body we are in that position for some more time. She told me that her husband’s cock is bigger than mine but not this my strong so; u can fuck me whenever you want.Then she was my private slut until i left my home for job.

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